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Breast Cancer Awareness: Facts & FAQs

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Pinktober: Test Your Breast Cancer Awareness and Help Others Do the Same October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- not just in New York State, not just in the US, but also in many countries across the world. That gives some idea both of the scales of concern about this disease, which is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women. One in every eight women will get the disease. But there are 3.3 million survivors in the US today. And there are lots of things you can do, both for yourself and others, to raise awareness, understand the risk factors, and take action to cut those risks or get treatment if needed. Despite the high incidence of the disease, death rates are actually falling thanks in part to greater awareness about it.  Here at Newbridge Coverage, we want to play our part in this global campaign by putting breast cancer and this year's awareness campaign in the spotlight -- or should that be under the microscope?!. Breast Cancer Awareness: Facts & FAQs Fir ...

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How to Avoid Distractions while Driving

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Don’t Be A Distracted Driving Statistic Technology has transformed our driving lives, mostly for the better. It can guide us to previously impossible-to-find locations and entertain our kids. And now it's learning to drive our cars better than we can -- at least that's the hope. But technology can also kill -- when it distracts us from the demanding task of focusing on our driving. In fact, distracted driving causes between 3,000 and 5,000 distracted driving deaths in 2018 and earlier years, and a further 400,000 car crash injuries. It's easy to think that just because you've been driving for many years, it's a piece of cake. That can be true. But when fate throws a wild pitch in our path, we need all our reflexes and focus to deal with it. All sorts of things can distract us -- our phones, our passengers, our pets, sidewalk activities, loose items rolling around the floor, the music player, grooming routines that should have been done at home, eating and snacking, a sneeze, and a swish of pipin ...

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Teaching and Practicing Schools Safety for Peace of Mind

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Keeping our Children Safe at School  With most schools now back in full session and darker nights drawing in, this is the time our thoughts turn to issues of student safety, from kindergarten to college. When we think of school safety, maybe in the current climate, our imaginations spring immediately to the risks of intruder and gun incidents.  It's a major issue for us all, including parents on Long Island and across the state. But, without wanting to minimize these risks, there's a lot more to everyday school safety for our kids that we need to consider. With that in mind, here are some tips to help make our young students' lives safer and more secure: Travel On foot, two wheels, by bus or auto? However students travel, they're exposed to many hazards en route. Their safety can be enhanced by ensuring: They wear high visibility clothes. They know the best and safest route to school. It's a good idea to practice this with them now and then. They know and understan ...

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Get Ready to Sail - the Safe and Secure Way

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These tips will help you prepare your boat for the upcoming season. Getting things ready now means you're more likely to have a trouble-free spring and summer of boating.  Newbridge Coverage is your NY boat insurance specialists.  Contact us today for your free boat insurance quote 516-781-9000.

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Get Ready To Spring Into Action

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From inside your home to the outside, this list of spring cleaning tips will help you get ready for the new season. Newbridge Coverage wants to make sure your home is prepared for the change of the seasons.

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Personal Umbrella Insurance To The Rescue

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An umbrella insurance policy extends the limits of your existing homeowners, auto or boat liability insurance policies.  Newbridge Coverage wants to make sure you are properly protected in your time of need.  Call us today for your Umbrella Insurance quote 516-781-9000.

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Focus on Cyber Liability Insurance for Small Business

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It's worth pointing out too that cyber liability isn’t just about insuring the security of your office computer systems. It also extends to laptops, tablets and cell phones that may contain confidential information that would fall into the hands of crooks if any of these devices were lost or stolen.  Contact Newbridge Coverage today 1-516-781-9000 for your free quote!

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