"I have been insured by Newbridge for more than 25 years and the agents have always been responsive to my needs. Thank you for all of your support."
- Mark P.

"Excellent work....can't wait to take advantage of all the features!!!"
- Mark S.

"Newbridge is always there when I need them. Quick responses and help with every type of insurance."
- Jennifer W.

"Nice website. Congratulations."
- Joel Z.

"Sheri has always been super helpful in taking care of all my insurance needs. She always follows up and answers all my questions. Much appreciated!"
- Leslie F.

"Thank You Jamie for your Service to my company, for all these many years."
- Andy K.

"Newbridge Coverage is my absolute #1 go-to insurance resource, whether for business, home, property, liability, or anything else insurance related. Ed Palace is my hero. Diane Vertucci is my angel for business. Karen Huber is my goddess for home. What an exceptional team in terms of client service, responsiveness, and results! Thank you all for serving my businesses and my personal insurance needs for the past 10+ years."
- Ann K.

"Always helpful, always there to answer questions and solve problems. What an insurance agency should be."
- Gemma A.

"Newbridge Coverage has handled all of my insurance needs for over 15 years and has done a great job. My agent Sherri Beedenbender provides outstanding service and advice."
- Larry H.

"I have been associated with Newbridge Coverage Corp. for many years. Weather for underwriting, changes in the policy, or claims, the service I received from Newbridge has been more than acceptable. The responses to my phone calls have been quick and the resolution of my problems have also. It is always been a pleasure to deal with their underwriter. If you are looking for an insurance agent that will work in your interest I would not hesitate to calling Newbridge."
- Erica S.

"I am fairly new at Newbridge Insurance but I have had nothing but good things to say about them. Sherry has always gone above and beyond to help me. Thanks. "

-Carolyn B.

"I use Newbridge for my personal and business insurance needs. They have an extremely personal level of customer service that is hard to come by these days! No matter what, I can call anytime and get my questions answered. I know everyone by name and they know me. It's great to have such a personal relationship. A big thanks especially to Ed, Diane, Nicole and Karen! You guys are the best! "

-Sara P.

"The people at Newbridge have been great I always know what's going on."

-Mark C.

"Always responsive to my questions. I have been with them for at least 15 years, probably longer. Looking forward to working with the site."

-Corinne C.

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