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If you have ever been without air conditioning during a New York heat wave, you know how important a heating and cooling service can be. This is also true if your heat is not working right in the middle of a cold winter night. HVAC companies perform many different services in the Tri State Area and if you are in this business, the right kind of HVAC insurance is essential if you wish to cover all your risks. To make sure your insurance is sufficient, you should talk to a seasoned insurance expert. This person can literally make the difference between succeeding and failing in business today. Let's take a look at an example story which demonstrates how valuable these services can be.

Paul R was an HVAC contractor for over ten years and business was very good. One day, he received a call from a man name Tony. The man was interested in a new energy efficient cooling system for his Long Island home and wondered if Paul would come out and give him an estimate for the costs. Paul was more than happy to visit Tony and while he was there the men got to talking. Paul mention he could save Tony a considerable amount of money on his cooling system and Tony told Paul he could save him money and increase his HVAC contractors insurance coverage, because he was an experienced independent insurance professional.

Paul started work on Tony's new ac system and when he was finished he saw Tony about insurance. Paul learned a great deal about insurance from his visit with Tony and decided to change his insurance and use Tony as his agent. This saved Paul money on premiums and he was able to get a customized HVAC contractor insurance policy for his business. In fact, Paul and Tony became good friends and they occasionally go fishing together.

One year after changing his insurance, Paul received notice he was being sued. A man had applied for a technician job and claimed Paul would not hire him because of his religion. In truth, it was early July and the business was booked solid. Paul didn't even know what the man's religion was and he couldn't hire him because he had no experience and there was no time to train him.

Instead of spending a great deal of money on legal fees and court costs, Paul turned the matter over to his insurance company (because Tony had made sure Paul had employment practices insurance). The claim was eventually denied, but Paul's legal costs would have been significant without insurance.

Defining HVAC Insurance

If you run an HVAC business you have special needs when it comes to covering business risks, and most of the risk management issues can be solved by having the right kind of business insurance in place. Insurance pays for expenses relating to business hazards.

Who Should Have HVAC Contractors Insurance?

Does your business make repairs to heating or cooling systems? Do you install new HVAC units for businesses or private residences? Here are some of the businesses which may need this coverage:

  • Heating and cooling services
  • Handyman services
  • Home renovation contractors
  • Plumbing services
  • Building contractors
  • Business who subcontract HVAC work
  • Electrical contractors

What's in a Typical HVAC Contractor Insurance Policy?

Here are some of the basic insurance options you may wish to consider:

  • Commercial property insurance - covers the building against storms, wind, hail, theft, vandalism and other kinds of damage
  • General liability - includes slip and fall type injuries on your property
  • Structure contents
  • Worker compensation
  • Commercial auto insurance

Extras for Your HVAC Insurance

You might need several additional coverage options, such as:

  • Employment practices
  • Installation floaters
  • Course of construction
  • Office equipment
  • Inland marine - also called cargo insurance
  • Income protection insurance
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Flood or earthquake insurance
  • Performance bonds
  • Professional indemnity

Why You Need Custom HVAC Contractor Insurance

You can purchase a standard business owners policy but this "one size fits all" strategy can leave much to be desired if it is not supplemented with the right coverage options. The best way to know you have all the right coverage is to turn to insurance professionals at Newbridge Coverage Corporation.

Benefits of Independent Insurance Agents

Newbridge Coverage Corporation is not an insurance company and we employ highly trained and experienced insurance specialists to take care of your insurance needs. You are not tied down to only one insurance company. Instead, we check with several of New York's top insurers to find you the right coverage and most affordable premiums. Plus, this costs you nothing extra, and we can usually save you money on your insurance.

Insurance is no place for "guesswork" and if you don't have everything covered, you could suffer a huge financial setback with just one claim that you can't cover. We have the technology for fast rate comparisons, so come to Newbridge Coverage Corporation today for a free quote request on your HVAC contractors insurance.