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In New York, many people don't have time to take care of car maintenance or repairs. In fact, most people today have no idea what they are looking at when they open the hood and gaze upon the mechanical marvels of modern technology. Thankfully, trained and experienced automotive professionals like you are around to make life easier on everyone. However, running a garage can be risky and without the right auto repair shop insurance, you might not stay in business long when you experience a disaster. Here are some of the many problems which can develop.

A quick change oil shop is very popular with local residents. They have established a reputation of getting you in and out within 30 minutes time and they also offer affordable services like tune-ups and car detailing. However, one day a technician left the oil cap off a car engine while making an oil change. Two hours later the car caught fire and was a total loss. Fortunately, garage keepers insurance paid for the damages.

A woman enters a local garage to ask about servicing her car. On the way to the service desk, she slips and falls on an oil spill, breaking her hip. This resulted in major medical bills and lost wages. The problem is taken care of by auto shop insurance.

A mechanic in Long Island has just performed a complete brake job on a three year old luxury SUV. Naturally, he gets in the car to test drive it. However, as he leaves the shop parking lot, he doesn't see a sports car traveling by and pulls out in front of it. This causes a terrible accident and with the right insurance, all the expenses will be taken care of.

A man brings his three year old truck in for a transmission service. The technician accidentally puts in the wrong fluid, ruining an expensive transmission. Someone must pay for the transmission and installation, and without insurance this is the shop owner's responsibility.

Auto Repair Shop Insurance - What is it?

As an auto repair business owner you have a lot of risks to consider. You take out insurance to cover all these risks, hoping they will never happen, but knowing they can occur at any time.

Who Needs Garage Keepers Insurance?

These businesses should consider insurance specialized to automotive shop owners:

  • Auto mechanic garages
  • Brake service
  • Muffler shops
  • Oil change services
  • Transmission shops
  • Automotive machine shops
  • Car washing and detailing services
  • Auto glass shops
  • Auto dealerships
  • Customizing services
  • Tire services

What Comes with Basic Auto Shop Insurance?

If you want a basic business owners policy, consider these coverage options:

  • General liability
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Property insurance for your business
  • Building contents coverage
  • Worker compensation
  • Towing liability insurance
  • Damage to customers' cars and possessions
  • Crime insurance

Options for Your Auto Repair Shop Insurance

If you want to make sure you have all the right insurance for your business, these options may be important:

  • ENOL - covers employees' vehicle used in service to your business. ENOL means employer non-owned liability.
  • Business interruption coverage - suppose your shop can't operate for weeks or months after major damage from a storm. This insurance will help to keep you in business.
  • E&O - errors and omissions can cover many mistakes you or your people make, resulting in customer damages.
  • Umbrella liability for businesses - additional liability protection
  • Transporter and dealer plates - some insurance agencies offer these services

Getting the Best Garage Keepers Insurance for Your Business

There are many insurance companies and agencies in New York, so why choose Newbridge Coverage Corporation? First, we are not your typical insurance branch office with employees working for a single insurance company. We are an independent agency with 60 years in the business and thousands of customers in the Tri State Area.

What is an independent agency? As independents, we can check with many different insurers to find the coverage you need at the most affordable rates. In addition, all you have to do is contact Newbridge Coverage Corporation. We do all the rest. With the help of modern technology, we can compare rates quickly and find you the perfect coverage for your business. However, our job does not end after you buy insurance.

Anytime you have insurance questions you can depend on your insurance professional to answer them for you. If you need help assessing your business risks, please call us at 877-684-1326, because this is what we do. In addition, when you need to file a claim with the insurance company we are there to assist you. All this extra service costs you nothing. With so many benefits there is no reason not to give us a try. In fact, you can get a free online quote request on your auto shop insurance by checking out the insurance quote area of this webpage.